Prestige - Hocus Pocus & Bewitched

12:10:00 PM

Prestige is an affordable brand you can find at your local CVS or Harmon's Discount. They have great liquid eye liner. I usually get their products at Harmon's because I can use the Bed Bath and Beyond coupons towards my purchase which always helps! They retail at about $6 each. 

These Long Term Relationship Eyeshadows are newer to their line. I think they may have came out earlier this year maybe even late last year. I just purchased them over the weekend because they were on sale and I had been eyeing them for a while. 

There are I think about 10 shades, some duo chrome and some glittery/shimmery. These shadows have a buttery smooth texture and fabulous pigmentation. I will definitely buy more if there are any other shades I like. 

Bewitched - taupe rose gold duo chrome, similar to the duo chrome in the Nars Dogon palette

Hocus Pocus - dark green red duo chrome with shimmer, very similar to the shade in Wet n Wild's Comfort Zone palette and Mac's Club but much more pigmented and richer than Club!

They look pretty close to each other in my swatches but trust me they are different. Hocus Pocus is definitely darker. 

Bewitched & Hocus Pocus


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