Comparison Swatches - LimeCrime Cashmere & Apocalipslick Coven Cream

9:01:00 PM

I recently received a request to do a comparison of Lunatick Cosmetic Labs' Coven Cream liquid lipstick and LimeCrime's Cashmere Velvetine. I thought it would make a great post so here it is!

They are both in the "greige" family that is super trendy right now. As you can see in the swatches below (Coven Cream is on the left and Cashmere on the right) Coven leans cool grey with a slight violet undertone and Cashmere is more of a warm greyed out beige pink. For reference I have a neutral undertone to my skin and range from NC15 to NW20 in foundation.

Texture and formula wise, Coven has a creamier consistency where Cashmere is definitely thinner. Both dry to a matte finish and both last throughout the day with minimal touch ups.

Find my review of Coven Cream here and Cashmere here!

Purchase Coven Cream here and Cashmere here!

Coven Cream & Cashmere


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