Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Budget Beauty! NYX Lip Lingerie - Swatches

If nudes are your thing or you just love a good affordable lipstick, NYX's new Lingerie liquid lip collection is worth checking out. They are priced at $7.00 a piece. NYX has promo codes on occasion too if you purchase through their website! The texture is super creamy and dries to a satin matte finish. 

I love the color selection in this line. There are 12 shades to choose from all with a softened romantic shade structure. As a whole, the collection ranges from the palest nude, to mauve, all the way to a softened rose, to fudge. The deeper brown shades are what drew me in. I love brown lipstick and these chocolate shades hit the spot. 

Sadly, I missed out on Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits (hoping to snatch them up when they are restocked). These shades from NYX looked like dupes for her kits, so if you are looking for something to fill that Kylie Jenner Lip Kit void, check these out!

Find them here!


Monday, January 11, 2016

A Photoshop Finish Foundation Brush! (drugstore!)

I have had this brush from Ecotools for a while now and this morning I thought, why not try it out for applying my liquid foundation? O.M.G. This brush glides foundation over my skin flawlessly. Its finish is similar to airbrush and I'm hooked! I have yet to try it with any other liquid foundation other than my Born This Way from TooFaced but I plan on testing it out with all of them. 

No smudges, no streaks, just a flawless finish. I think the bristles being densely packed but movable has a lot to do with it. I don't need to heavily push the foundation into my skin. It's not a workout because the brush does all the work. The process is kind of relaxing and fulfilling in a way. Yep, I'm crazy.... about this brush! lol


Sunday, January 3, 2016

December 2015 Favorites!

Hellooooo 2016! So happy to welcome a brand new year, a fresh start. I hope you all had a festively warm holiday season and a happy new year! I'm looking forward to another year here with you sharing my beauty faves, working on new techniques and looks while celebrating beauty!

Before moving on to 2016, here are my December favorites from 2015...

This has got to be the most underrated eyelash conditioner/lengthener on the market. This stuff costs about $10 depending on where you purchase and can be used as a hair treatment and so many other things too! My lashes are lush, long, and healthy when I use this. I apply at night to my cleansed lashes, gently massaging into the whole eye area. 
The only thing I'm not crazy about is the bottle/dispenser. It's a thick liquid so I ended up pouring too much out. I ended up finding a small dispenser bottle for traveling. It has a twist spout that works great for this thicker oil.

 - This works wonders for your skin! I feel like my skin tone has improved and just looks glowy.

- Winter is here and so are my chapped lips. This honey lip balm is one of my favorites for on the go lip conditioning. 

Sonia Kushak Fall 2015 Eye & Cheek Palette - I love this palette as a whole for eyeshadow. The blushes double as eyeshadow too and the colors are so pretty. I have been obsessing over mauve and rosy hued shadows lately and this fits that bill. Plus this pigmentation is crazy good!

 -  I recently got my haircut into Demi Lovato's short style and I needed a paste for that "second day" hair texture. I wanted a piecey style. After hearing great things about this brand I figured I would give it a try. I love the smell, it's almondy and clean. It works really well and you only need a tiny bit for great texture! Sold!

COVER FX Custom Infusion Drops - Lemongrass Radiance - These custom drops are really awesome for day to day skincare. I love the customization they offer. Some days I feel more dry and some days I want more radiance. These are perfection. You can find them at Sephora!

Estée Lauder Brow Now Brow Defining Gel Pencil - Get Your Best Brows Now (Black) - This pencil is by far my favorite brow pencil ever. The color, texture and longevity are out of this world. If you are looking for a black brow product, this is it. It's not too dark, not too grey, not reddish brown. It's a neutral black. It doesn't look harsh. I'm in love. Estée Lauder Brow Now Volumizing, Long-wearing, Fiber-enhanced Brow Tint (Black)

Flannel Shirts - A winter fashion staple for me lately. I have been collecting different colors and plaid patterns. I love that you can dress them up or down. Cozy cabin chic.

Timberland Women's EarthkeepersTM Glancy 6" Boot,Wheat Nubuck,US 11 W - To finish off my winter style, a high heel work boot. I have a couple different styles and heel heights but Timberland is classic.

Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops Value Size Natural Honey -- 32 Drops - Lately with the weather going back and forth between warm and cold, I've been popping these throat drops as I fight off an ongoing cold and allergies. I don't like menthol cough drops so these are perfect. They help sooth my throat and taste like straight up honey! 

Dose of Colors Liquid Matte Lipstick (Brick) - I wore this shade on Christmas day and it is the perfect matte brick red. I love the formula, it stayed on all day long even through dinner and didn't feel flaky or patchy. 

Adele's 25 - When we were young. Enough said.


Monday, December 28, 2015

Mani Monday!

Plaid has been my obsession this season. From home decor all the way to now, my nails. I wanted something festive but not the typical Christmas trees. I love the way the turned out. Gray and plaid, can't get any better! I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Mani Monday!

My Mani Monday from this past week was something special for our wedding anniversary. I wanted a little sparkle but something classic. Mission accomplished.