Monday, March 30, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution is here United States!

I've been waiting what seems like forever for this collection of lipsticks to be available for the USA. I even came close to ordering online for almost double the price off eBay. I didn't cave and I'm glad I waited because they are finally here!

Find them here!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Favorite!

I know I have talked about this numerous times but it's that good. I love this serum. I love it for adding volume and conditioning my lashes on a daily basis. It is the perfect base for Younique's 3D Fiber Lash Mascara too!


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Limecrime Cashmere & LASplash Ghoulish Comparison Swatches

After all the drama surrounding Limecrime, I know a lot of people out there are searching for dupes for their coveted greige Velvetine in Cashmere. I had heard about LASplash's Ghoulish being similar but I wanted to see for myself before I started telling people about it. I have to say, they are a perfect match color wise! The colors shift slightly depending on the lighting but overall they are a match. 

The formulas are a little different. Ghoulish has a thicker consistency and has much better staying power where Cashmere is thinner and does wear off with eating and drinking. The price is also a lot better, LASplash = $11.98 and Limecrime = $20.  

I threw in two other LASplash shades for comparison, Innocent Vixen which leans more nude/beige and then Charmed which has a slightly more pink undertone. 

Top: Limecrime Cashmere
Bottom: LaSplash Innocent Vixen, LaSplash Charmed, LaSplash Ghoulish 
Top: Limecrime Cashmere
Bottom: LaSplash Charmed, LaSplash Innocent Vixen, LaSplash Ghoulish

Isabelle x Colourpop Collection

You may or may not know that I have been having an obsession with the brand Colourpop. They are really being talked about everywhere from YouTube to Instagram and the reasons why are clear, the quality and the price! Their eyeshadows cost $5 a pop ( pun intended ;) ), their blushes are $8, and their lippie stix and lippie pencils are also $5 a piece. The brand has been doing collaborations with some beauty bloggers and such and this newer collection is a collab with the actress Isabelle Fuhrman. 

I thought this would be a perfect set to purchase (at $30) to help bring my look into the Spring season. Plus a nice way to try out some colors I wouldn't normally purchase by themselves like the coral/royal purple combo. The colors that really drew me in were of course the grey and burgundy plus that gorgeous tan. This set includes three lippie stix and a total of five matte shadows four of which are parts of duos. 

Have you guys tried Colourpop? What are your thoughts?

no primer
direct sunlight

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mac - Burgundy Times Nine

Mac has released a group of eyeshadow palette that come with 9 of their shadows but in mini form. I believe these are permanent additions.

I would say they are about the size of a dime, maybe a little larger. I didn't know this when I first ordered but it is actually pretty nice for traveling. The case is compact and sleek with the shadows protected behind the clear plastic to reveal what shades are inside (I love that feature).

The only negative I can think of is when you run out of one of the colors, how do you refill it? Unless Mac is coming out with mini refills for these palettes, it's kind of a bummer. But I guess that kind of goes with any eyeshadow palette that is not refillable... 

The palettes each cost $40 and include mostly permanent shades but do include one or two new colors. The pigmentation is pretty standard Mac. I would suggest using a primer underneath for higher color payoff but other than that I really like this concept. 

This is the Burgundy palette that includes a monochromatic color scheme leaning towards burgundy shades. I like the fact that I can just grab this palette when I have that certain color palette in mind. That's another really great travel aspect with these, each palette has a color theme so just grab that color group and go!

Find it here!

swatched no primer 


L'Oreal LA Nude 2 Palette - Swatches

I never purchased Maybelline's Nude palette. I always came close but then put it back. When it came to L'Oreal's new Nude 2 palette, I picked that sucker right up and took it to the register. There are two palettes, Nude 1 and Nude 2. Nude 1 had no appeal to me at first so I just grabbed Nude 2. Now that I see how pigmented I might go back and check out the Nude 1 again.

For about $14 this is a steal in my opinion. I love the color and texture combination. There are mattes and shimmers. The colors are mainly cool toned but there are warm tones thrown in there too. What really surprised me is there are no black shadows in either Nude 1 or Nude 2. Which was nice to see for a change.  Every shade is velvety soft but not too soft where there is fallout everywhere. 

Not sure if I would call this a dupe for the Naked 2 palette since the color range is a little different but if you are looking for something affordable and similar I would check this out. For a more close dupe, Coastal Scents' Revealed 2 palette is also affordable and super pigmented!

I don't usually wear purple shades but I find myself really drawn to the two that are included in this palette. They are the perfect everyday plums. I think this palette will be a favorite for Spring with the soft petal-like hues. 

swatched with no primer