Lilumia - Makeup Brush Washing Machine!

11:02:00 AM

A new beauty invention is here and it's a time saving brush washer reminiscent of the Jetsons! 

Introducing Lilumia's makeup brush washing machine! This baby can wash up to 11 makeup brushes at a time using their special cleanser, Lilumia Soap and a rubble bristle disc to get into every bristle of those dirty brushes!

This egg shaped wonder retails for $127 and you can purchase replacement discs and soap refills for $19.95. Right now the soap refill is on sale for $14.95! It comes in different colors as well, gold (limited edition), silver and white, and silver with pink. 

The first thing I thought of when I saw this was Rosie from the Jetsons cleaning my brushes for me! 

Find them here!


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