Looking for a good read?

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I love books. I haven't had the time lately to read as much as I would like to but when I get back into the swing of things I plan on picking up this book. I wanted to share in case any of you are in the market for a new book or author to check out. Happy reading!

"Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. MF In book one of Beyond Valor: Beth’s life changed forever with one phone call. An accident leaves her ex-husband and daughter fighting for their lives. Putting her life on hold, she spends most of her time in the hospital with her daughter, praying she’ll pull through while her ex’s condition goes downhill, forcing her to make one of the hardest decisions of her life. Lieutenant Thomas “Mac” MacDonald pulls three of his unit’s soldiers from their burning Humvee after a roadside bomb explodes in Afghanistan. He sustains a severe head injury that leaves him believing he’s dying, until he wakes up stateside alive but blind. Meeting Beth while volunteering at the hospital after his discharge he is instantly attracted to her. As Mac struggles to come to grips with what life has dealt him, he finds his thoughts continuously turning to a woman he barely knows. Beth tries hard to deny the attraction she feels for Mac, and focuses her energy on her daughter’s recovery. But no matter how they fight it, their feelings for each other grow. Can Beth overcome the need to shield her heart and let Mac in? Can Mac conquer his fear that she’ll turn him away when she finds out who’s responsible for him regaining his sight? And are they able to let the walls they’ve built around their hearts fall, allowing a soldier’s gift to bring them the love they both deserve?"

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