Let's Chat! - Digital Skincare Assistant or Personal Consultant?

8:00:00 AM

It's a fresh year and a fresh month! I want to become more social with you guys and hear your opinions on topics so I can get to know you better! So, let's chat!

This week I received an email from Sephora about their digital customized skincare assistant. All you  do is fill out a survey and they provide you a list of products others have reviewed with your skin concerns. It sounds pretty simple and I like the interactive property but I can't help but wonder, would a real life person have a better understanding when they are meeting with me, looking at my actual skin, asking me in depth questions... etc.?

Now, I took the survey myself and it was two questions - "what is my skin type" and "what is my main skin concern"? I answered combination, because it can get oily on occasion but it is winter and my skin is dry as the desert. Just because I'm inching toward my 30's and want to get a head start, signs of aging was my main skin concern.

The results - They give you a list of different products to try out according your answers which include the following categories - moisturizers, facial serums, and face washes/cleansers. I would be willing to give some a try after reading reviews. But what about skin sensitivities? Allergies?

Don't get me wrong, I do think this is a good tool to find a product quick. But for the sake of my skin and what would really make a difference, I feel like a more personalized approach would do more good.


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