Lorac Pro Palette 2

8:00:00 AM

Lorac has finally released their second pro palette and it is gorgeous. I can see this being great for all seasons but it definitely reminds me of Fall. It has the same setup as the first pro palette - the top is matte and bottom row is shimmer. They are all extremely pigmented. The only shade that was a little surprising to me was the black shade because to me it looks like a deep charcoal. But regardless, this palette is complete and beautiful.

Overall I can see tons of people loving this with its wide range of shades that are also very wearable. There are cool and warm toned colors. It includes shades like purple, navy and a shimmering army green that add a little something extra to the usual neutral palette. If you have the first pro palette and are asking if you need this one too, my answer is yes and no. There are many shades here that you probably have elsewhere but it is nice to have them all in one place. It really depends on what you have in your collection already and how obsessed you are with makeup. There is enough variety between the palettes that I believe it is worth the $42.00 if you are a makeup lover or if you are just starting your makeup collection. Plus I think they compliment each other very well. 

The Shades:
Buff - matte yellow cream
Lt. Brown - matte medium caramel brown
Cool Gray - matte medium gray with a hint of mauve
Nectar - matte peachy pink
Plum - matte plum purple
Navy - matte true navy
Charcoal - true matte charcoal
Black - matte charcoal black
Snow - gleaming white
Beige - shimmering golden beige
Rose - rose gold shimmer
Mocha - medium milk chocolate shimmer
Chrome - mauve shimmer
Silver - true silver shine
Jade - shiny army green
Cocoa - shimmering purple brown


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