Friday Favorite!

6:00:00 AM

After trying different body lotions/moisturizers and not being completely happy I went to the internet in search of something to help heal, repair, and moisturizer my dry skin (plus eczema). After reading about a variety of options, I came across Amlactin. I had seen it in the drugstore but never considered purchasing. Well, boy was I missing out on an amazing lotion! My skin has never felt so soft and smooth. It helps keep my eczema at bay, no dry itchy skin, my skin tone even looks better, plus it helps with breakouts too! It's really an all around fabulous product. 

The one thing I would say I don't like is the "scent". It's technically not scented but it does have a "naturally" occurring odor that kind of smells like ammonia when first applied. It does go away and it hasn't stopped me from using it. I just apply at bedtime and by morning it's gone. It might be from the lactic acid (12%) that is in the product, I don't know. 

It is pricey at about $15 dollars a bottle but I really do think it's worth every penny. 

Find it here or your local drugstore!

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