Full On Monet - bareminerals Faux Tan Face

6:00:00 AM

A self tanner that can be used on your face without leading to breakouts or splotchiness is a beautiful thing. I always love to test out new fake tanners to find one that will make my everyday routine quick, easy, and glowing. 

After seeing multiple good reviews for this Faux Tan Face product from bareminerals, I decided to try it out myself. Well after using it for probably six months I haven't seen anything that would make me want to repurchase this or even finish it to be honest. There was very little color change and I think to really make it show up I would have had to reapply throughout the day. Who has time for that? I want a product that I can apply in the morning and it will gradually give my face some color throughout the week. This did none of that. So this is a pass for me.


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