Gleam By: Melanie Mills

8:00:00 AM

White at IMATS in NY this year we got the pleasure to meet the makeup artist from Dancing with the Stars. She has her own line of illuminators and lip glosses. The powder and liquid cream highlighters are amazing. The colors are gorgeous and feel like you are putting jewelry on your skin. They shimmer and glow with such elegance.

I ended up buying the rose gold powder and then the light gold liquid cream. It was a hard decision but after she dusted the rose gold over my chest and cheeks I was hooked. It complemented my skin tone and now copper hair so well. It creates a gorgeous healthy flush. They blend into perfection. I use my large It Cosmetics powder brush for the powder and it works so well.

Both forms, liquid and powder can be used all over. You can mix it with foundation, put in on before foundation, after foundation, on your colorbone for demension, etc. The options are endless. She said you could even use them for eyeshadow. I feel that these will be some of my favorite summer go to's this year and also for the colder months to add color.

Her products have a vanilla scent which is subtle so no worries about it clashing with your perfume.

top: rose gold powder
bottom: light gold liquid

left: light gold liquid
right: rose gold powder


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