Redhead Brow Products

12:50:00 PM

Being a redhead now, I had to find some new brow products to make my brows have a reddish tint. Dying them just kind of freaks me out so I'm all about the makeup products. Here are two I found and really like...

GOSH Cosmetics - Venetian Brown

I like this and the vibrancy it gives but it is harder to work with than a powder. I am not used to using a marker so it can be kind of weird for me. I think it is something I have to play with and get used to. I do like the color a lot though. This has great orange tones for a copper redhead. I think I might even try using this and the powder listed below and see how they look.

Vanity Mark Brow Powder - Gingerella

This is amazing. I wanted something that would give me the tones of my hair but wasn't flaming eyebrows. lol This is so natural looking but still has oomph. I love the texture. It's very easy to work with and can be used wet or dry. I have only used it dry so far. The pigmentation is fabulous, you don't need a lot to make an impact. And it stays, all day, no issues with smudging or anything! I heard about this from model Doris Mayday on her Instagram and couldn't be happier.

It can also be found on Big shout out to Brett Freedman for creating this gem!

using Vanity Mark Brow Powder in Gingerella


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