Budget Friendly Beauty - Maybelline Dream Bronze BB

6:00:00 AM

This is kind of a double post, a Friday Favorite and a Budget Beauty. I did not like the original Maybelline Dream BB but once I saw they had a bronze one, I had to try it out of curiosity.

The first thing I thought of was, oh could this be a dupe for Stila's Bronze Beauty Balm (which I love but it's $32)? Well so far I wouldn't say it's an exact dupe but maybe the darker shade would be. I really like this so far. It's the perfect amount of glow for a quick makeup look during the week or just a touch of sun for a laid back weekend.

I would say this has very sheer coverage. It adds more of a veil of warmth to the skin. I think this would be nice in the Winter too for some life during those pale sunless days. It is available in two shades, Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. I chose the Light/Medium shade. I think the Medium/Dark would be nice to use to warm up a lighter foundation in the Summer so I might try that out.


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