NYC High End Makeup Haul!

9:59:00 PM

My friend Kendall and I try and make it to the NYC IMATS every year. This year tickets sold out before we could purchase them so we decided to have our own makeup day in the city! This trip included a lot of firsts for me... my first trip to Saks on Fifth Avenue, my first trip to Macy's at Herald Square (at least that I can remember), and then my first time getting my makeup done at a high end makeup counter!

These department stores were so cool inside! It was a makeup lovers heaven. Saks even had an orchestra and opera singer live while you shopped, what!? We ended up getting our makeup done at the Burberry counter and it was awesome! I truly felt pampered. Below are some of the pictures from the day and my haul of products, including the street art I bought for my hubby!

Do you guys have a favorite high end brand?


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