Children's Skincare - The Multitasker

6:00:00 AM

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist nor do I pretend to be. The posts in this series are from research I've done online and my own thoughts. If you or your child are experiencing any skin concerns, please seek professional help.

Coconut oil is what I would call a miracle multitasker. It has so many uses from internal medicine to beauty that the list goes on and it continues to grow as we speak. After posting about children's cleansing I got to thinking about this oil as a cleanser for that list as well. It would make the perfect companion for baby to kindergarten and beyond. It works well with its antimicrobial properties to gently cleanse away dirt and germs while leaving behind a moisturizer. You can also use the coconut all over the face then take a warm wash cloth and pat away the excess oil left behind if moisturizer is not needed.

I can see this working on children with sensitive skin or normal skin just like adults. I love to use it for my eczema or dry skin. It can also make a fabulous all natural lip balm/ lip protectant or chapped nose soother during the cold winter months!

* Make sure to purchase a cold pressed, organic coconut oil to make sure you are getting the purest form.

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