Removing Halloween Makeup!

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Okay, so while everyone is posting Halloween looks (which are spectacular this year) I'm over here like, "What about removing all that stuff!?". So I thought the perfect post before all the Halloween festivities start would be about my favorite technique to remove face paint and heavy makeup. 

To remove a heavy layer of makeup whether it be skeleton makeup or bridal is no easy task. The best way I have found would be a cleansing balm or oil along with a warm cloth. Steam and oil help breakdown all the product on your face and body while lifting it away without having to scrub the sh*t out of your beautiful skin. 

I especially love Eve Lom's Cleansing Balm with their muslin cloth but for a more affordable option, Boots Botanicals Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm or Clinique's Cleansing Balm are also great! For a basic all natural option, use coconut oil! I really love the muslin cloth but I know there other ones out there made out of different materials. I have yet to try them though.

First you want to warm up the water so I usually let my water run for a while and get it really warm but not burning hot. While the water is heating up I rub the cleansing balm of choice all over my face and remove my fake lashes. I then take the cloth and dip it into the warm water and drape it over my face gently. I let the warmth envelope my skin and then repeat the process until everything is removed. 

This process is fabulous for anytime, not just heavy makeup days. It's giving yourself a little spa treatment at home. I love it. 

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