Ben Nye Cosmetics - Banana Powders - Original & Shimmer

6:00:00 AM

If you haven't heard about Ben Nye's Banana powder (theee banana powder) then you probably live under a rock. But joking aside, Ben Nye cosmetics has been around since 1967 and is huge in the entertainment industry for its superbly made formulas for film, television, and stage makeup. His line has a range of outstanding face powders in shades anywhere from an olive undertone to pink, to pure white. 

Banana powder has been around for along time, but Kim Kardashian West made it a little more famous in the last couple years when it was said her makeup artist uses it to set and brighten her under-eye area. From then on it was all over Instagram, YouTube, you name it. 

I like to keep this in my kit as a highlight or corrector to cancel out blueish purple tones from veins, circles, etc. When color correcting you want to reference the color wheel, using colors opposite each other for neutralizing. Color correction is making a huge "comeback" this Spring. Pretty much every brand whether it's drugstore or YSL has color correcting kits, pens, creams, etc. Use shades of lavender, orange, pink, green, and yellow to correct and perfect your complexion for a special event or everyday glam. 

Here is a great post about color correcting and what shades do what!

When I first saw the shimmer powder I got super excited because I hadn't seen or heard anything about it so of course I had to order it. I love this one! I've used it just under my eyes for some glow or softly dusted all over my face and chest for a candlelit finishing touch. A little goes a long way just like it's O.G. sister so this jar will last forever. 

Find it here and here for about $25.


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