Love Luxe Beauty Highlighters - Next Level, Daydream, Ethereal Greige, & Imaginary

6:00:00 AM

Along with color correcting (mentioned in my post yesterday), "highlighters of a different color" are trending like crazy for Spring 2016. Brands like Jeffree Star Cosmetics are releasing their own versions in the next couple months so keep an eye out. 
Image by DKNG
I love indie beauty brands. I find them inspiring, creative, and it feels great to support a small business. They put so much work and love into their products and it surely shows. Love Luxe Beauty is no exception. I heard about their highlighters through Etsy's suggestions and Coffee Break with Dani and I am so glad I did!

Each highlighter pro-pan retails for $10 without a magnet and $10.50 with a magnet. The pans are large, I would say about the size of a Melt eyeshadow pan maybe a little bit bigger. The consistency of every shade so far has been silky smooth with out of this world pigmentation. They apply with a "wet look" finish that glows so bright on the skin that it requires your friends to wear some shades when they look in your general direction. Now don't get me wrong, you can totally sport these softly. They blend really nice and not all shades are eccentric. 

Ethereal Greige is a classy taupe highlight with a silver sheen and Imaginary is a peach with pink shift (think sunset). If you are more of an adventurous type, Next Level is a white pearl highlight with purple shift with slight hints of  silver and Daydream is a blue highlighter with a pinky duochrome reflection. 


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