Liquid Lipstick Storage!

6:00:00 AM

After searching for months, actually probably about a year now, I finally found liquid lipstick storage I love! I have tried bags, canisters, clear drawer makeup organizers, the list goes on. I went to Homegoods and looked there for something affordable but still no success. Then this past Sunday I went to Target to grab a few things and came across this glass bowl in one of the aisles. It was the most random and exciting thing! 

I can't remember how much it cost and I couldn't find it online for you guys but I'm thinking it couldn't have been more than $20. And let me tell you, worth every penny!

I love the shape of the bowl because it "fans" out the tubes nicely so I can find the shade I'm looking for easier. It's the perfect size, I must have placed around 30 tubes of lipstick in this baby and they fit perfectly. I plan on purchasing another one for the rest of my shades (maybe a third since I'm crazy) and if they happen to have a smaller bowl of this shape for lip liners! 


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