Friday Favorite!

9:06:00 PM

It's self tanning time for me and I am always up for testing out new ones. I usually end up with the gradual self tanners because on my fair skin they are easier to control. I love going for spray tans (for special occasions) but for everyday it's just too expensive. 

This week I decided to test out L'Oreal's Sublime Luminous Bronzer Lotion. This "lotion" is really more of a watery gel consistency and dries almost instantly which I found to be one of my favorite features. There is nothing worse than sitting there on the edge of your bed waiting for your tanning products to dry. Ugh. 

My second favorite feature is the color and speed at which the color shows up on my skin. I found myself sporting golden color on the second day. I really think that everybody's skin reacts differently to self tanning products, especially the gradual products. So what works for some may not work for others. It's all chemistry, and trial and error. 

And finally the glitter, yes I said glitter. I actually really love it. It lights up my skin and adds a sexy glow to the golden color left by the lotion. I know it's not for everyone (and I think they make a non glitter or non instant bronze version) but for those of you not turned off by some sparkle, go for it. You will truly be a golden goddess this summer! 

a little inspiration for your Friday!

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