Make Up For Ever Artist Eyeshadows - Fall 2014

8:00:00 AM

O.M.G. That is what I said when I saw the selection of new eyeshadows Make Up For Ever has on Sephora's website. They have released a total of 210 (yes 210!) new shades! MUFE has seriously added every color of the rainbow and every texture and finish too. Textures available range from matte to diamond. They retail at $21 an eyeshadow. I plan on ordering way more than a few to swatch and play with. I think there are probably 50 already on my wish list. Swoon!

a very small sample of the shades available!

These are eyeshadow pans only so you can add them to your zpalettes and create your own on the go kit or MUFE now has 1-3 spot eyeshadow cases you can add to your order for $1.00 each. I personally like to have larger palettes but the smaller ones are definitely a great option for travel.

Sephora's website states the shadows have a gel powder consistency. That sounds really interesting and I love a creamy eyeshadow!

Check them out here.

What do you guys think?


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