Mani Monday!

8:00:00 AM

So you ask, a foundation for your nails? I say yes! Butter London has a base coat in a satin nude tone. I think it would be universally flattering. You can wear it underneath your nail polish to create a flawless application or you can wear it on its own. Above I have just the nail foundation on (4 coats mind you) with no top coat. Now if you want the above opaque finish you will need multiple coats, there is no question. It will take some time to dry. But that can't really be a complaint because the purpose is to use it as a base coat not as a standard nail polish.
This nail foundation is not a necessity but it does work nicely and I like that it can be worn on its own. It has a satin finish meaning it has a little shine but appears almost matte.

You can find it here and check out the promo code below for a free makeup bag with your order!

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