Too Faced - Little Black Book of Bronzers

9:15:00 PM

Too Faced is long time love of my mine. This "little" black book of bronzers just adds to my love for the brand. The truly have amazing products. The pigmentation is always top notch whether it is an eyeshadow or a bronzer. 

I love their bronzers and buying this was actually a more affordable option instead of buying them individually. So I took the plunge and I'm glad I did. 

If you have been intrigued by their bronzers and think you will end up needing/wanting all 8 of them, then definitely try and pick up this limited edition set. 

This book is bulky (about 12x12 in size) but I can still see myself traveling with it. I actually plan to this week when I take a trip to the shore. 


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