Limecrime Cashmere & LASplash Ghoulish Comparison Swatches

7:00:00 AM

After all the drama surrounding Limecrime, I know a lot of people out there are searching for dupes for their coveted greige Velvetine in Cashmere. I had heard about LASplash's Ghoulish being similar but I wanted to see for myself before I started telling people about it. I have to say, they are a perfect match color wise! The colors shift slightly depending on the lighting but overall they are a match. 

The formulas are a little different. Ghoulish has a thicker consistency and has much better staying power where Cashmere is thinner and does wear off with eating and drinking. The price is also a lot better, LASplash = $11.98 and Limecrime = $20.  

I threw in two other LASplash shades for comparison, Innocent Vixen which leans more nude/beige and then Charmed which has a slightly more pink undertone. 

Top: Limecrime Cashmere
Bottom: LaSplash Innocent Vixen, LaSplash Charmed, LaSplash Ghoulish 
Top: Limecrime Cashmere
Bottom: LaSplash Charmed, LaSplash Innocent Vixen, LaSplash Ghoulish

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