L'Oreal LA Nude 2 Palette - Swatches

6:00:00 AM

I never purchased Maybelline's Nude palette. I always came close but then put it back. When it came to L'Oreal's new Nude 2 palette, I picked that sucker right up and took it to the register. There are two palettes, Nude 1 and Nude 2. Nude 1 had no appeal to me at first so I just grabbed Nude 2. Now that I see how pigmented I might go back and check out the Nude 1 again.

For about $14 this is a steal in my opinion. I love the color and texture combination. There are mattes and shimmers. The colors are mainly cool toned but there are warm tones thrown in there too. What really surprised me is there are no black shadows in either Nude 1 or Nude 2. Which was nice to see for a change.  Every shade is velvety soft but not too soft where there is fallout everywhere. 

Not sure if I would call this a dupe for the Naked 2 palette since the color range is a little different but if you are looking for something affordable and similar I would check this out. For a more close dupe, Coastal Scents' Revealed 2 palette is also affordable and super pigmented!

I don't usually wear purple shades but I find myself really drawn to the two that are included in this palette. They are the perfect everyday plums. I think this palette will be a favorite for Spring with the soft petal-like hues. 

swatched with no primer


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