Mac - Burgundy Times Nine

7:00:00 AM

Mac has released a group of eyeshadow palette that come with 9 of their shadows but in mini form. I believe these are permanent additions.

I would say they are about the size of a dime, maybe a little larger. I didn't know this when I first ordered but it is actually pretty nice for traveling. The case is compact and sleek with the shadows protected behind the clear plastic to reveal what shades are inside (I love that feature).

The only negative I can think of is when you run out of one of the colors, how do you refill it? Unless Mac is coming out with mini refills for these palettes, it's kind of a bummer. But I guess that kind of goes with any eyeshadow palette that is not refillable... 

The palettes each cost $40 and include mostly permanent shades but do include one or two new colors. The pigmentation is pretty standard Mac. I would suggest using a primer underneath for higher color payoff but other than that I really like this concept. 

This is the Burgundy palette that includes a monochromatic color scheme leaning towards burgundy shades. I like the fact that I can just grab this palette when I have that certain color palette in mind. That's another really great travel aspect with these, each palette has a color theme so just grab that color group and go!

Find it here!

swatched no primer 


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