Teaface By Your Tea

6:30:00 AM

I received an email about this mask probably almost a month ago and have been wanting to share this with you guys. First, I love tea. I am picky about flavors and stuff but I love the way it calms me from the inside out and all the antioxidant properties of tea. I find it so interesting. 

When I heard about this tea face mask I was immediately interested. I have not yet ordered it so I can't comment on how it works. Have any of you guys tried it or something like it? What are your thoughts? The reviews on their website look awesome so I definitely have it on my list to try out.

This is what their websites states:

It has gentle exfoliating to revitalizing skin, deeply nourishing to your skin, heals scars, addresses uneven skin tone, and results in a glowing complexion.

Indulgence in a jar.

Teaface is a glorious mix of TinyTea granules combined with healing high grade essential oils. Add to that amalgamation; an exotic scent of ylang ylang to soothe one's soul. We believe in pampering your skin with natural products, straight from the earth and back to you.

Find it here.


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