Sneak Peak! Lorac Mega Pro Palette

7:00:00 AM

Coming in October (haven't heard the exact date), which is in about three weeks people... is this amazing new palette from Lorac, the Mega Pro Palette. There are 32 eyeshadows half matte and half shimmer. It is in my opinion the perfect collection. By looks of it I would say it comes in the same format as the first two, a thin magnetic cardboard palette. I find those palettes to be durable and extremely convenient when traveling. They take up no space but you can be sure that you have every shadow you could possibly need with you. 

Considering both pro palettes sell for $42 I'm not sure how much this will end up costing but I heard rumors of $52. That would be a huge money saver! Keep your eyes pealed! :)
Until the release, if you haven't checked out the first pro or pro2, find them here and here!


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