Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner Pro Starter Kit - Review!

10:19:00 PM

OMG guys, this product is a lifesaver! I had my eyes on it for a while and was contemplating it but didn't think it would be any different than any other spray brush cleanser I've tried. Well let me tell you, it's so much better than anything I've ever tried from spray cleaners to baby shampoo! This is a makeup artist, beauty blogger, and cosmetic enthusiast's dream. Hands down, amazing. 

I purchased this starter set on Sephora's website for $24.00. I think this is a great deal considering purchasing the 8oz bottle of cleaner and the tin separately would cost $30. You are getting the tin for free with this kit and in my opinion, it's a necessity for easy cleanup and the best option for this cleaning technique. 

The scent of this product is strong at first and reminds me of alcohol but then transitions to a vanilla after-scent. The liquid also dried almost instantly which is a total time saver.

As you can see from the below photos my brushes look brand new. It took off everything. It actually made brush cleaning "fun" in a way or at least more satisfying to see how much buildup I was removing. I had just cleaned these brushes about a week ago with baby shampoo and they still had a ton of product leftover on them (plus what I had added to it this past week). This cleanser even took off the leftover residue on my Eco Tools flat top foundation brush that I thought was beyond help. 

I especially loved how it cleaned my It Cosmetics brushes with ease. They are my favorite brushes by far and it felt so good to give them life back. I know, corny... but come on! You know what I mean. I love how much it revived one of my favorite foundation brushes (the dual ended It Cosmetics brush). It even gave the brush its fluff back!

Overall, I think the photos speak for themselves. I couldn't recommend this cleanser enough. Great job Cinema Secrets! I'm coming for the big bottle next!!

that's what I can clean brushes!

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