Friday Favorite!

6:00:00 AM

This week while perusing the Apple App Store I found this free game called Two Dots. I was looking for a mindless game that would be something I could use to clear my head a little. Well I found it. I love this simple yet beautifully designed game! The graphics and interface are simple yet elegant.

Definitely check out this cute puzzle game! #ivegotgame

Now getting a little personal... another great App I've found is called Clue. It's the perfect App to track your monthly period and symptoms. They just updated everything in it too and made it even greater than it already was! You can track anything from your mood to weight gain. I love this one compared to others because I feel the interface is more user friendly and it keeps every aspect of your monthly cycle in mind. And if being useful wasn't enough, it's another free app! 


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