Friday Favorite!

6:00:00 AM

Mac's new Studio Waterweight foundation is a great addition to their permanent range. Serum foundations are huge right now. It's the "it" formula every brand is releasing from drugstore to Armani. Mac's is no exception in quality. 

I love this foundation for my dryer skin. It has a glowy sheen (no glitter) and doesn't accentuate any dry patches I might have. I find that it does become a tad bit too glowy towards the end of the day but it's nothing a little setting powder can't tackle. I think this will be great as a winter foundation because of that though. It doesn't feel greasy, just moisturized throughout the day. I'm not sure if those of you with oily skin would enjoy this product or not. It's worth a try to go to your local counter or store and test it out though!

The coverage is light to medium but buildable. I purchased shade NW20 and at first glance I thought it might be too dark but once blended, it looked perfect! It's a super natural finish that still lets your skin shine through. 


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