Fall / Halloween Home Decor!

7:58:00 PM

From now until Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the decorations, crisp air, family time, holidays, everything. That being said, when I get the first glimpse of Fall decor out in the stores, it's time for decorating! I went all out this year for Fall and Halloween in our house. I wanted to share what I've done so far to give you guys some ideas!

My style was very gothic glam. I love all the different textures in pumpkins I was able to find. JoAnn's had everything from feather pumpkins to sequins. I love to use texture in my everyday decorating so when I saw these it really inspired me for my Fall decor this year.

I found a lot of the items at TJMaxx, JoAnn's Fabric, Michael's Crafts, etc. so most everything is affordable! Michael's and JoAnn's always have coupons you can find online or in the newspaper plus sales on all their seasonal stock. So definitely check that out if you are looking for a great deal!


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