Bobbi Brown Greige Palette - Swatches

6:00:00 AM

Greige, the mix of gray and beige that equals the epitome of chic. Bobbi brown has taken it to the next level with her new Fall 2015 collection which stars the shade. The collection consists of everything from this palette to nail polish and the results are exquisite. 

The palette is the one thing that caught my eye besides the liner cakes but the price is ridiculous. I know Bobbi is on the high end makeup spectrum but still, $70 for only eight shadows?! I was lucky enough to receive an "I'm sorry" $50 code from Sephora after their Epic Rewards fail so I decided to order this. $20 felt a lot easier to stomach. I don't know why it felt crazy to me when I can spend $60 on a foundation but it just did for some reason.

So on to the palette...

I was really drawn to this palette because it's the first palette that revolves around the greige "movement" that I've seen. You may be able to include Urban Decay's Naked Basics 2 but besides that, this is a new thing. It's intriguing and something different for my collection. A fresh spin on nudes and neutrals.

The colors are perfect for daily wear. They can apply sheer but also be built up for a more dramatic look. My two favorite shades in this palette are Greige (third in on the bottom from the left) and Fog (bottom right, last shade). They are both matte textures and I just find the combo to be so pretty together. Smokey but nude at the same time. I like to use Fog as a liner and Greige all over my lid. Perfection.


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