Lorac Take a Brow - Auburn

12:30:00 PM

Lorac's Take A Brow powder is another great brow powder I found! Lorac has it in 4 shades, Dark Brown, Brunette, Auburn, & Blonde. I found this and saw they had auburn and took a peak. Well, I was very impressed with the two colors. The mini palette comes with two shades (a lighter and a darker or medium shade) and then a wax. The shade in the palette that really intrigued me was the middle shade. It's a beautiful red with a very slight hint of violet. The combination of the two shades works beautifully and I could see this working with a variety of redheads. The pigmentation is wonderful and the texture is perfect. There is no stiffness at all. So ladies, go take a brow! :)

P.S. My lighting for the swatches does the colors no justice. 

Left: top shade in palette
Right: middle shade in palette

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