Friday Favorite!

12:00:00 PM

On Sunday I had my yearly Keratin treatment done and I just have to tell you guys how worth it it is. The first time I had it done I had the express or keratin blow out and I saw results with just that but I think the full on treatment is much more worth it. Speeding up drying time, shiny hair, and smooth texture are just a few benefits.

It is a pricey thing ($200 - $300) but for my hair and the way it used to frizz out and just poof like crazy, I can't do without it. I save up all year and then I get peace of mind that I can go to the beach, boardwalk, etc. and have frizz free styled hair.

This company has tons of styling products. I think you would even see a difference just using their Intense RX which gives your hair a 25% keratin boost and cost only bout $40 in comparison. Their products also smell amazing! Using the serum, shampoo and conditioner has helped the treatment last a whole year rather than about 6 months like they say.

Click the link below for more information and call your salon for an appointment!


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