Makeup printer of the future?

12:00:00 PM

Check out this article... It's interesting but a little too Jetsons for me I think. 

I find cosmetics more than just something you can print out any time in "your own freaking house". It is interesting to see where people are going to take this but also scary as with anything that is the unknown. 3D printing is something I can barely wrap my head around.

So far from the video the pigmentation does not impress me. I think there are still a lot tests and work to be done to improve the formula. You may have some of the convenience but you are definitely missing out on the intensity of color and the buttery texture of your favorite eyeshadows. She says color is part of what inspired her but she doesn't give us anything here to be excited about.

The idea of being able to match your makeup exactly to your outfit or a specific backdrop in photography is a cool idea. So I do think it adds something to the entertainment industry when working with theatrical makeup and such. But again the pigmentation and different formulas (creams, gels, etc.) need to be worked with and included.

This is just the beginning of the future of our beauty industry. I had a conversation with my mom about this. I told her how I felt it couldn't include the all natural things that say Josie Maran products have. My mom had a good point and said it's just the beginning and as it gains popularity you will see other companies jumping on the bandwagon creating printable products specific to their company. That's definitely something I didn't think of when I first watched this video.

But, I don't think this will take away the beauty industry all together. Atleast not anytime soon. I myself, still love the process of going to a store and looking at all the different formulas (whether it's Walmart or Sephora), packaging, deals and then taking home a bag of new products. It's like going to the Barbie isle in Toys R Us when I was little. It's the excitement and suspense of what's going to be there and what I can buy and play with.

What are your thoughts on this new invention?

Into the future we go.... whether we want to or not. 


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