Physicians Formula Illuminating Argan Oil

8:02:00 PM

Argan oil is referred to as "liquid gold" so when I can purchase "liquid gold" at the drugstore it makes me ask, how good could it be? Well in Physicians Formula's case, pretty golden! Their new illuminating argan oil is a sparkling sensation!

This formula has golden shimmer added to the oil but they also sell a plain oil version. I purchased this one because what can I say, I love glitter. I was intrigued to see how it worked and how it looked. 

It is pure argan oil like you would expect. The only added ingredient is the shimmer itself. I chose to use it in the morning under my makeup and it works nicely. It can also be applied to your hair for a little extra shine. Absorbing like any other oil, it takes some time. I haven't had any breakouts from it and I don't have any irritation either. There is also no scent. 

As for the illuminating properties, it's basically glitter. There are some chunkier pieces of glitter in this but I like the look. It makes my skincare routine a little more fun in the morning. I think this would work beautifully in the summertime when you are on the beach and want that extra glow. I also think it would work really nicely added to a lotion for sparkle and added moisture.

It can be purchased at your local drugstore or here at Ulta for about $15. FYI, I purchased this at my local Harmon's Discount and used a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon so I saved a few bucks.


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