Sephora 2015 Pantone Color of the Year - Facets of Marsala Eyeshadow Palette

8:54:00 PM

First off, Meooowwww! I wanted this palette so bad I had to purchase this palette off Ebay due to it selling out so fast online and in stores. I don't usually like doing that but I did not want to miss out on this one. I payed more than it originally sold for but I think it is well worth the price I paid.

I love the choice and range of colors in this palette of 24 eyeshadows. There are a few shades that are more pigmented than others but every one of them had a soft (but not too soft) texture. The swatches below are on my bare skin so I would use primer for application. There are a mix of finishes, from matte to glitter. I also loved the 90's vibe I got when I swatched this. The colors are rich and warm. The reds and burgundies are perfection. They even included a duo chrome! 

Here is the link to find this beauty on Sephora's website but I would definitely check Ebay if you are unable to purchase through them. As far as Sephora goes, I have not heard if they will be restocking this or not. 


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