Melt Cosmetics - Dark Matter Eyeshadow Quad

6:00:00 AM

If you haven't heard of Melt Cosmetics before then you are totally missing out on a great brand! They are famous for their highly pigmented matte lipsticks. 13 lipstick shades are currently available and each one is gorgeous in their own way whether it be Space Cake (a grey with slight hints of blue) or Belladonna 2 (a classic bright red). 

On January 2nd they released two "quads" of eyeshadows, Dark Matter and Lovesick. I purchased both of course because I couldn't help myself. The first one I received is Dark Matter and it's the perfect smokey eye collection. All shades are a pure matte texture. They are probably double the size of a Mac eyeshadow too which is totally an added bonus! All four shades are equally pigmented to perfection. I love that you could create so many looks with just these four colors too. It's so useful and it makes going to from day to night a cinch!

The packaging is nice and compact. It is taking me a little to get used to because I keep getting scared of dropping them. They all stack magnetically one on top of the other but can also be taken apart as well. The group of four can be fanned out as shown below for ease of use. When finished, simply click them all back into place complete with mirror on top!

These sets are not cheap, setting you back about $55 after shipping. But when I think of the size of the shadows and how much use they have, it makes me feel a little less guilty. :)

Check out all Melt has to offer here!


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