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 "The EVE LOM Cleanser was described by Vogue as 
‘probably the best cleanser in the world' 
and is the foundation of Eve Lom’s skincare regime." - Sephora
This Eve Lom cleansing balm is where it is at people! I love it! A spa treatment every time I wash my face? Yes please! Leaving my skin comfortable and smooth as silk? Yes pleasssssseeee!

I started with this sample (below) that I received with an order from Sephora a while ago. It was a small packet of the cleanser which included a small muslin cloth you use with it to gently exfoliate. The packet lasted me about a week which just shows how little you need of it to cleanse. You may need more depending on how much makeup you wear. I didn't wear much this week so I think the packet would last half a week with more makeup to cleanse off.

If you don't like the smell of cloves then you will not like this. A lot of the reviews on Sephora were negative about the scent. I am sensitive to some smells and get nauseous in Yankee Candle on occasion (lol) but I still loved this. I love the smell of cloves so this adds to my experience every time I use it. 

The texture is an oily balm that glides over your face and then simply washes away with water. It is thicker than the Clinique cleansing balm but a similar concept. Eve Lom also has a morning time cleanser that I just purchased during the Sephora sale to try out. I will write a post on that after I've used it for a bit.

There is a certain "ritual" that you follow when using this that I think makes a huge difference. Using hot water to open your pores and then cold water at the end to close them. It kind of reminds me of the Erno Laszlo ritual that I also love. That says something about taking your time when taking care of your skin - you will get great results. 


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