Younique Beachfront Bronzers - Sunset & Hermosa

6:00:00 AM

Spring is here and Summer is coming up in a few months. Now is the time to get your glow on! Today I have for your viewing pleasure two of the three brand new Beachfront Bronzers from Younique. They are superb and have very similar texture and finish to a Mac bronzer. 

The two colors here are Sunset, a light golden beige tan and Hermosa, a medium gold leaning more bronze brown. Hermosa is the darker of the two. I would suggest Sunset for fair ladies and maybe as a golden highlight on deeper complexions. Hermosa reminds me of Mac's Give Me Sun but with a tiny bit more pink in it than orange. It leaves me with a glow that looks super natural. I think Hermosa will be mostly used in the Summer time when I have a little more color from self tanning. Sunset will be used mostly in the Winter because it's more subtle for when my skin is on the paler side. 

These blend like a dream. They do kick up some powder when I swirl my brush in the compact but it doesn't bother me. Both bronzers have shimmer/sparkle to them. They aren't chunks of glitter but more of fine shimmer. Each compact is split into two sections, one (the left side) being the deeper portion and then the right side being lighter and more of a highlighter. Blend together and you have the perfect Summer glow!

Find them here on my site. They retail for $32 each. 

Left: Sunset   Right: Hermosa

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