Liquid Lipsticks - Reds, Corals & Oranges

6:14:00 PM

Red lipstick is so classic and goes with every season. You can go with a deep bing cherry shade in the winter or sport a sizzling orange red shade in the summer. It can be intimidating but having a long wearing formula definitely makes me feel more comfortable while rocking this timeless trend. There is no worry of kiss marks or it traveling past your lip liner! 

I tried to give as much variety here in reds as I could in liquid lipstick form. These are all the reds, oranges, and corals I own in this formula at the moment. 

All of these dry to a matte finish. Some formulas have glitter such as Dutchess, the perfect ruby slipper red in a waterproof finish and Sephora's Coral Luster although I don't see it too much when swatched, only in the tube on this one. 

I included Limecrime's Riot for reference as an everyday red tinted beige. When next to the others it definitely looks brownish pink. I wouldn't necessarily consider it a red but I can see this color working well blended over a red lip liner. You could even mix this shade with others listed here to tone down the brightness. It's a good beginner's color when you are interested in getting into a red lip but apprehensive about making the full statement. Girlactik's Allure is also a great starter red. It's not vibrant but still has an impact.

Row 1: OCC Harlot, LASplash Hypnotized, LASplash Dutchess, Anastasia Persimmon, Limecrime Suedeberry, Limecrime Red Velvet, Limecrime Riot, Limecrime Wicked, Girlactik Beauty Allure
Row 2: Stila Beso, Stila Fiery,  Sephora Collection Coral Luster, L'Oreal Target Red

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