Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Palette - Swatches

10:45:00 PM

Miss Kat Von D has been a favorite of mine in the beauty world for a long time now. I love her products. From her full coverage (and I mean FULL) foundation to her buttery eyeshadow palettes they are all top notch. I have yet to pick up here Shade + Light Contour palette but I picked up her Shade + Light Eye palette and I am so happy I did. It is so gorgeous!! 

This palette is completely matte and every single shade is super pigmented. It has everything you need to contour and manipulate your eyes in one perfect palette. There are  total of 12 shades, 3 being larger for base and blending. The collection of shadows is separated into 3 sections, neutral, cool, and warm. I love the way she organized this. It makes application for a beginner or when you are in a rush a snap. She even included an instruction pamphlet for reference. It shows examples for a natural and a smokey look for each undertone. 

The selection of colors here is perfect. You have a black, a white, yellow ivory, a warm brownish red, etc. You have every matte neutral you will ever need in one handy and nicely sized palette. 

The one thing you might miss is an included brush. Kat did release a special eye brush at the same time as this palette but they are sold separately and there is no space for the brush inside the palette. I don't really mind as I bring a bunch of brushes when traveling anyway but I know some people will find that to be a bummer. Here is the link to her eye brush if you are interested. 

It retails for $46 and can be found here on Sephora's website. I believe at this point it is early release for VIB and ROUGE members only. If you aren't a member I recommend signing up as you rack up points and earn deluxe samples all for free!

moth season is here ladies and gents!

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