An Ode to Mac's Lady Danger Lipstick

2:13:00 PM

Feeling dangerous lately? Mac's Lady Danger lipstick is the perfect accessory! First off, I love the name. Second, It is the first Mac red that I bought which lead me to have 78 of their lipsticks in total, and counting. I even have a backup!


It is a gorgeous opaque mix of red and orange with a creamy matte texture. It has an almost bright coral tone to it but is most definitely a red lipstick.

I love matte lipsticks but I know that some can be drying. This one however has never given me any issues with that.

I highly recommend this shade. It brings such a brilliant pop to the face no matter your skin tone when worn with a simple cat eye. You can even throw a gloss on top if you're feeling extra snazzy.

So if you are looking for a hot spin on the classic red lip you can check her out here...


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