Happy October!

9:43:00 PM

October is the start of my favorite time of the year, the holiday season. I love sweaters, hot chocolate, rich lipstick, and cuddling on a chilly night. I especially love to play dress up! 

That's right Halloween is just 29 days away and I am already thinking of all the options I have makeup wise. That means Halloween makeup blog posts! (brace yourselves!) 

This morning I was lucky enough to grab a few pieces of the Rick Baker collection from Mac Cosmetics. The promo images were absolutely amazing. I am especially intrigued by his monster bride look, seen below in a face chart found on mac's website.  

I was able to grab the Mac Face & Body Foundation in White, the Spider Queen palette, and the Monster Bride Palette. I cannot wait to swatch and play! The Monster Bride palette is I believe all permanent shades but I just could not resist, especially since I was missing a few of these shades from my collection.

As for other Halloween products I do still need to make a Harmon's Discount trip to check out the Wet N' Wild section. I've heard they have some amazing lashes out this season! 

So what are you all conspiring to be for Halloween this year? 

Does anyone have any requests for makeup looks for my future posts this month?



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