Glamorous Skincare 101

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So by my name I think it is pretty obvious I love my Marilyn Monroe. I have always loved old hollywood and there has always been this obsession with it ever since I was little. So of course, after reading books on Marilyn, blogs on classic Hollywood actresses, and research like crazy, I finally found some beauty "secrets" of what those gorgeous ladies used.

Erno Laszlo is a high end skin care brand that has been around since 1939 when Mr. Laszlo opened his institute in Manhattan. His collection is classic. Not only have people such as Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn been devotees to his line but it is popular among many across the world.

After reading that Ms. Monroe used his products regularly, I had to try it. Now, to get the whole set is pretty pricey but in my opinion it does last and it does do a great job. I also find the process to be pampering and relaxing due to the splashing technique that is part of what makes this line so famous.

Plus the packaging is gorgeous!

Here is an example of a few of Marilyn's products:

The packaging is still to this day just as glamorous:

On the website you can do a survey to figure out which products are meant for your skin type and issues if you have any. I for instance have dry skin, so I started with the phelityl cleansing bar, phelityl oil, active phelityl cream, etc. There is a process to his special technique which is why you need a few different items and every item has a specific purpose.

I just ordered the sea mud deep cleansing bar to try since I finished up my phelityl bar. The sea mud bar is for normal/combination to slightly oily skin. I've heard such great things about the sea mud cleanser I had to try it. It is one of the main products you think of when you hear Erno Laszlo. I have used it twice now and so far so good. It hasn't caused any irritation and my skin doesn't feel tight afterwards either which is definitely a plus. It is absolutely one of those squeaky clean cleansers!

He does offer some makeup products as well as skin care. His powders are great, matte, and like I've said many times just ooze glamour with the texture and packaging. I love pulling my compact out for a touchup because I feel like a movie star. There is also something about using a cosmetic product that is made by someone who specializes in skin care. I trust them more. 

Here is the link to give Mr. Laszlo a try! Sometimes you can also find his products on ebay and amazon too for a cheaper price!


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