GlamGlow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

10:40:00 PM

After testing out GlamGlow's Supermud mask and loving it I knew I had to try the Tinglexfoliate packet! Again, the same as the Supermud it had enough in the packet to do my whole face. The formula was thinner than the Supermud. It was a thin grainy texture. I applied it and within two minutes tops I could feel the strong tingle from this mask. It was a burning sensation but nothing I couldn't handle.

After ten minutes I followed the directions and applied warm water to my face and made small circular motions to exfoliate my skin before washing it down the drain. The exfoliant in this mask is really grainy and kind of harsh so for sensitive/gentle skin I would use very soft strokes. 

After washing it off my skin felt a little tight but it also felt a sort of relief from washing the tingle off. My face does feel smoother, as expected from an exfoliant. 

I don't know if I would use this product regularly because I think it might be a little too harsh for my skin. But I can see it being something that I would apply every once in a while and probably more in the summertime. I did like the sensation it had on my face though. It was refreshing. 

This mask is expensive and what I would consider a luxury skincare product. Retailing for $69 it can be found here at Sephora. They also sell this mask in a smaller size for $19.


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