Christian Louboutin Starlight Nail Lacquer

6:00:00 AM

If you thought shelling out $50 for one of Mr. Louboutin's nail rouges was rough try $675! That's right ladies, for $675 you get a classic red nail color encased in his signature nail rouge bottle that is encrusted with 1,800 hand applied Strass crystals complete with a black box that also includes some bling from red silk and crystal flowers. Talk about a luxury purchase! 

I know how guilty I felt buying a $50 nail polish. I still did it because I knew I had to have the iconic red rouge for my nails but this is a little over the top in my opinion. You are basically paying for packaging and his name. Which is completely fine and if this is your thing, then by all means splurge. I just can't see myself paying this much for nail polish.  I'm completely happy gazing upon my Louboutin Rouge lacquer in its "plain ordinary packaging". 

Interested? Find this beauty here at Sephora!


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