Nars' Narsissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palatte

6:00:00 AM

Oops, I did it again. I went and bought another eyeshadow palette. After all the makeup shopping I've been doing lately I think I might make March a no beauty buy month... We shall see...

Anyway, back to this stunner. Nars' Dual Intensity eyeshadows are a great product. I love the selection of colors and the versatility when used wet. They have now released a limited edition palette of eight of the twelve shades in their permanent collection. I was trying to hold off on buying the singles so I am so glad they came out with this "sampler". It includes all the colors I was thinking of purchasing plus a few I hadn't thought of trying. 

The singles retail for $29 a piece and this palette retails for $79. It does seem steep and it did hurt me a little bit but I feel like it is a bargain for the all the colors included. You could buy eight full size (.05) for $232 or receive eight (.03) and a dual intensity brush for $79. So I would say if you have been eyeing these since their release it is a great buy! Plus it also makes a fabulous travel companion! 

The colors included are, Europa (gossamer pink peach), Himalia (shimmering topaz), Ursa Major (chocolate glaze), Subra (black orchid), Sycorax (black), Giove (navy), Lysithea (shark gray), and Andromeda (alabaster).

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