A Shower with Frank

11:05:00 PM

After reading what seemed like hundreds of reviews on Instagram I found myself intrigued by the benefits of a coffee scrub. Supposedly the scrubs help eczema, stretch marks, cellulite, dry skin, and psoriasis. I knew I had to test it out. Being affordable doesn't hurt either ($17.95 and free shipping for the coconut one) and if it will help improve my skin then I am all for it.

Frank is an all natural scrub made of fresh coffee grounds, sea salt and depending on the version you choose, coconut oil and almond oil. I chose the coconut grape seed version because I love coconut. The scent of this one is heavenly. It is a mix of coffee and coconut with a hint of salt that smells to me like a delectable morning dessert. I could not stop smelling myself after I showered. lol

The website says "lets get dirty" and they aren't kidding. It will cover your shower in coffee grinds and the water will turn a brownish color. Don't be alarmed, as it washes down the drain and leaves behind the smoothest skin you will ever feel. I was alarmed at how my skin felt and after just one use too! It felt super moisturized and comfortable with a "glow" I could not ignore.

Right now I can't say if it has helped improve my skin tone or anything since I have only used it once but I plan to continue using this product. An update will be posted in a month or so to let you know how it's going. For now, I highly recommend this scrub and you can find it here.


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