Stila's Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette - Spirit

5:44:00 PM

This post is the third palette from Stila's new collection and probably the last one I will be purchasing and reviewing. The forth palette includes a lot of purple and I'm pretty picky about purples but you can find that one here, it's called Body.

This beauty is called Spirit and it is beyond lovely. It reminds of a mix of the Soul & Mind palettes mixed together in a way but then again not. Neutrals are there but also a pop of color for instance, a burgundy. It includes a mixture of shimmer and matte textures. I would say this is the creamiest out of the three palettes I purchased but I'm not sure if it's because it was out in my mailbox all day in the heat or if it's the textures themselves.

Like all the other palettes in this glamorous collection, it is encased in a golden (rose gold for this one) mirrored compact complete with a full mirror.

"Where the spirit does not work with
the hand, there is no art. " - Leonardo da Vinci

The Shades: 

Kitten - the classic shimmering champagne
Oasis - shimmering golden champagne (more gold than kitten)
Wheat - shimmering golden beige
Chinois - matte ivory
Puppy - matte taupe
Jezebel - rose gold shimmer
Golightly - shimmering bronze
Slate - cool grey shimmer with the slightest hint of violet
Pigalle - burgundy shimmer
Barefoot - reddish brown shimmer
Espresso - like the name espresso brown with very slight golden glitter 
Pewter - steal blue shimmer


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